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Appointment history of our spokespersons

Year Spokesperson type Spokesperson
2022 Celebrity Wang Hedi, a Chinese actor
2021 Celebrity Dilraba (expired), top actress in China
2020 Celebrity Fan Chengcheng, a Chinese singer and actor
2019 Celebrity Jeremy Lin, a famous basketball player
Sports Dong Guojian, China’s fastest active professional marathoner
Peng Jianhua, China’s second fastest active professional marathoner
Xie Wenjun, Gold medalist of men’s 110 metres hurdles at 2018 Asian Games
Gong Lijiao, Gold medalist of women’s shot put at 2019 IAAF Diamond League
2018 Sports Xu Zhouzheng, the winner of Men's 60m final in the 2018 National Indoor Track and Field Championship
Celebrity Jing Tian (expired) , a Chinese actress
NEXT (expired), a popular Chinese boy band
2017 Sports Wang Zhen (expired), Olympic 20km race walk gold medalist
Cai Zelin (expired), Olympic 20km race walk medalist
Celebrity Zhao Liying (expired), a Chinese actress
Lin Gengxin (expired), a Chinese actor
2016 Sports Xie Zhenye (expired), the fastest sprinter in Mainland China
Shevchenko (expired), an European football star
Celebrity Jiro Wang, a Taiwanese singer and actor
2015 Sports Zhao Qinggang (expired), javelin Asian record holder
Kazakhstan National Track and Field Team (expired)
Celebrity Calvin Tu (expired), a Taiwanese actor
2014 Sports Chen Ding (expired), Olympic 20km race walk gold medallist
Celebrity NANA (expired) from the Korean girl group After School
UNIQ (expired), a Chinese-Korean boy group
Day Day Brothers (expired), hosts of the popular Chinese TV show Day Day Up
Li Yifeng (expired), a Chinese actor and singer
2013 Sports Justin Gatlin (expired), American Olympic bronze medal winner sprinter
2012 Celebrity Gwei Lun-mei (expired), a Taiwanese actress
2011 Celebrity Han Geng (expired), a Chinese singer and actor
2008 Celebrity Jolin Tsai (expired), a Taiwanese singer
Wilber Pan (expired), a Taiwanese singer
2003 Celebrity Twins (expired), a Hong Kong singer group
2001 Celebrity Nicholas Tse, a Hong Kong singer and actor as well as our first spokesperson
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