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Established since 2001, Xtep is a leading professional sportswear brand with an extensive distribution network of over 6,300 stores covering 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the PRC and overseas. As “Chinese runners’ favorite brand”, Xtep ranks 1st and 4th among the domestic brands and global brands in international class marathons in Mainland China. For the fifth consecutive year, Xtep is the sportswear sponsor of the highest number of marathons in Mainland China.

Performance Sports Products


Footwear Technologies


Expert / Advanced runners

Who participate competitively in marathons or triathlon, and look for high performance

One of the lightest marathon running shoes in the world that combines nylon midsole foam with a full-length 3D-shaped multi-function carbon fiber plate to provide superior shock absorption, rebound capability and stability. Its cutting-edge propulsive cushioning Xystem helps runners make breakthroughs in their top speed.

One of the lightest running shoes in China, weighs only 160 grams, have strong shock absorption, designed for expert/advanced runners

Uses two types of materials in the shoe sole, with gel cushioning in the front and heel of the shoe to provide strong shock absorption, and TPU in the center for more structural foot support from rolling



Who look for both performance and comfort

Offers bounce and soft rebound in shock absorption with improved 4.0 generation soft and high resilience material

Uses Xtep’s signature DNA hollow loop structure to support shape recovery from compression and impact

Applies uni-body three-dimensional double-layer weaving technique, with mesh arrangement according to stress points to improve breathability and seamless fit to foot

Utilizes an air-cushion system around the entire sole, providing all-around shock absorption


Beginner RUNNERS

Who prioritize comfort in their exercise experience

Uses cube modules to support pressure from the foot and ground, plus memory foam-like material to bring increased cushioning

Made from high elasticity TPU bubbles, which absorbs and releases more energy during running, making each step easier

A key shoe insole technology the Group co-developed with the Dow Chemical Company. The insole provides memory foam-like comfort to fully enclose the foot

Material from the 3M Company provides lightweight insulation for winter products


Apparel Technologies



Absorbs and transfers moisture on the skin quickly to fabric surface through special yarn and weaving arrangement, which then evaporates in air for instant absorption and immediate dryness


Polar Ice Fiber

Innovative silky material, laced with rapid heat conduction and dissipation technologies, providing cooling comfort

Cooling Fibers

Cooling Xylitol is weaved into special clothing fibers, which increases the fiber’s rate of heat dispersion, leading to long-lasting coolness during exercise


Far-infrared Warm

Applies ceramic printing which can effectively absorb and reflect the far-infrared of human body heat, to improve thermal insulation and provide increased warmth without extra weight

Heat Retain

Newly developed uni-body heat containment structure using seamless down filling technique that prevents heat loss from pin-hole, achieving high heat retention


Material from INVISTA (part of KoSa) from the U.S. with fine hollow fiber technology that creates a layer of air protection blocking cold air from outside, keeping the wearer warm and dry


Sorona® material

Lightweight, soft, elastic material that easily recovers shape

Xtep Sports Elastic Technology

Uses highly elastic fiber that allows athletes to stretch freely during exercise, this is applied specically to indoor training series


Uses seamless knitting technique in professional sports apparel to reduce friction during sport



Protects the wearer from harmful ultraviolet radiation during outdoor sports through protective chemicals weaved into fabric

Waterproof &
Raised Permeation

Protection from water and quick evaporation of moisture on the body surface through special coating on fabric, keeping body dry and comfortable



Releases negative ions to alleviate sports fatigue, helping runners harness more energy during professional sports

Lifestyle Products




Crossover Collections


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