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Board of Directors
MS. DING MEI QINGExecutive Director & Vice President

Ms. Ding Mei Qing (丁美清), aged 49, is an executive Director of the Company and the group vice president of the Group. Ms. Ding has over 20 years of experience in the sportswear industry, and is primarily responsible for the management of the product design and development as well as supply chains business of the Group. She is mainly responsible for consolidating the position and reputation of the footwear category in the industry, and is directly responsible for product innovation, research and development of technical standards, flexible supply chain platforms, intelligent manufacturing, vertical auxiliary systems and information technology and intelligent management. She is also a deputy general manager, a director and a vice president of various subsidiaries. Ms. Ding is the sister of Mr. Ding Shui Po and Mr. Ding Ming Zhong.

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