Sports Lifestyle Products

The Group cooperated with world-class global play and entertainment company Hasbro  (孩之寶) to use Transformers images in its products. To coincide with the launch of the  “Transformers: The Last Knight” movie in the summer of 2017, the Group launched XTEP  Blade II x TRANSFORMERS co-branded limited edition football shoe and Transf ormers sports lifestyle series products in June 2017. The Transformers football shoe is based on the 2nd generation of XTEP professional football product series “Blade II”, with  trendy mid-top collar made of elastic knitting plus uni-body design that fits snug to the fe et, hollow lightweight body, and shoe sole and conical cleats which give better traction on the predominantly artificial grass fields Chinese players compete on. The shoe uses TPU membrane on top of fabric for shoe surface, providing both excellent ball contact and comfort. The launch of XTEP Blade II x TRANSFORMERS football shoe helped us attract younger consumers, which we view as the target audience for our football products.

Transformers lifestyle sports series captures the essence of trend, by bringing a popular summer movie to life. We approached the design concept from the futuristic and powerful direction, deemphasizing the comic character elements, and emphasizing the heroic spirit it encapsulates. This series has both footwear and apparel products.

Sports lifestyle products captured the growing “athleisure” trend and offers fashionable and comfortable streetwear for Chinese consumers. We have two  main lines of sports lifestyle footwear: Casual sports shoes, which are light  sport shoes designed mainly for walking, and skateboard shoes under the  unique trademarked “π Series”. Sports lifestyle apparel was separated into  two series based on age and style: Campus series is geared towards the  student population with colorful designs, while Urban series is dominated by  black and white colors, and captures the feel of city life. These products have  historically been the strength of XTEP; we continue to gradually incorporate  additional sports elements into these products to match our ever increasing  functional sports image.