Performance Footwear

For footwear, we have changed the way we design and market our running products, from focusing on single technology series to combining different technologies to best fit the needs of Chinese runners of different experience levels. The Group introduced three core series of running shoes in the first half 2017, which are RUN FAST (競速快跑), RUN STRONG (動力暢跑) and RUN FIT (舒適易跑), to better serve marathon runners, routine runners and entry-level runners respectively.

The three core running technologies:

  • RUN FAST (競速快跑) series employed silicon technology to create a light-weight comfortable running experience for consumers. One of the highlights is the RC160 (競速160), which is one of the lightest running shoes in China, weighing only 160 grams. It is designed for professional marathon runners with high permeability and strong shock absorbance.

  • RUN STRONG (動力暢跑) series applied the new generation of our core Dynamic Foam (動力巢), Reactive Coil (減震旋), and Air Mega (氣能環) technologies, emphasizing professional shock absorption for routine runners. “Dynamic Foam” (動力巢) technology offers bounce and soft rebound in shock absorption with improved new soft and high resilience material. “Reactive Coil” (減震旋) combines stabilization technology with XTEP’s signature DNA hollow loop structure, supporting shape recovery from compression and impact. “Air Mega” (氣能環) technology utilizes a multi-segmented connected support structure around the entire sole, forming an air-cushion system, providing overall shock absorbing protection during foot impact.

  • RUN FIT (舒適易跑) series uses “SoftpadTM” (柔軟墊), “COMFYCUBES” (柔立方), and “X-Flex” (易彎折) technologies to offer entry-level runners a comfortable running experience. “SoftpadTM” (柔軟墊) is a key new shoe insole technology the Group co-developed with the Dow Chemical Company. SoftpadTM is world-leading, combining XTEP’s design technology and the Dow Chemical Company’s VORALAST™ polyurethane memory materials. The insole provides memory foamlike comfort to the wearer and protects the feet from injuries. “COMFYCUBES” (柔立方) technology uses cube modules to support pressure from the foot and ground, while applying memory type of material to bring increased softness and cushioning for footwear products. “X-Flex” (易彎折) technology uses regular cutting grooves on the sole to preserve shoe flexibility and ensure stability of the foot, which results in barefoot-like comfort.
Other sports footwear technologies and materials include: “ENERGETEX” (聚能彈) material made from high elasticity TPU bubbles, which absorbs and releases more energy during running, making each step easier; “Air Comfort” (透氣網) material has a uni-body customized breathable mesh surface, relieves the feet from the sweat and stuffiness and provides a lightweight and comfortable experience during hot weather; “NITEOPTICS” (馭光科技) technology using special reflective or light-emitting materials to enable better visibility in the dark, improving the safety of outdoor sports at night; “Dow” (仙護盾) is a chemical agent added to shoe insoles with intelligent silver ions that effectively restrain odor and pathogenic microorganisms; “ThinsulateTM” (新雪麗) material from the 3M Company provides lightweight insulation to winter footwear products, and is especially popular in northern regions; and “Xtep-Aroma” (芳香科技) is added to footwear for long-lasting refreshing scent release.