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The new Xtep brand is built around being the "Chinese runners' favorite brand", and the Group continued to carry the heritage of being one of the most fashionable of the sports brands and stayed at the fashion edge. Xtep continued to hold top market share among all domestic peer brands in what runners wear for major marathons1. Xtep continued to be the official partner of Run China recognized by the Chinese Athletic Association, as well as, continued to sponsor the most number of marathons in China for fourth consecutive year with eight major marathons and a total of 14 running events in the first half of 2018, total participants in these events exceeded 280,000.

The Group has setup five Xtep Run Clubs (特步跑步俱樂部) club houses in major cities around China, adding one in Xiamen in the first half of 2018. These club houses have professional running gears, and provide targeted services such as marathon registration, training classes with KOLs, foot scanning, lockers, showers, tailor-made medal letting, etc. Our Xtep Runners' Club has now over 56,000 members across the country, and is the largest and most active running club around a brand in China. The aim is to create an ecosystem around Xtep brand for runners, with products, training, services, and social interactions catered to specific needs of runners.

The Group successfully organized the third annual Xtep 321 Running Festival as an annual national celebration of runners.

Sports Celebrity Spokespersons

In 2017, the Group has added two Chinese track and field Olympic medalists to our sports celebrity lineup, Wang Zhen and Cai Zelin, who won first and second place respectively in the 20km race walking competition during the 2016 Olympics. XTEP continues to regard top Chinese track and field athletes as the best personification of our brand’s emphasis on running.



Cai Zelin (蔡澤林):
Cai finished second in the Men’s 20km race walk at the 2016 Olympics, and was also the silver medalist of Men’s 20km race walk at the IAAF World Race Walking Cup in 2014.


Kazakhstan National Track and Field Team:
XTEP sponsored competition sportswear for Kazakhstan’s National Track and Field Team, where the whole team wore XTEP clothes during all world competitions, notably in 2017 was the IAAF World Championships in Athletics. Olga Rypakova is one of the world’s leading triple jump athletes, she won bronze at the 2016 Olympics.