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Entertainment Marketing

In the first half of 2017, the Group reduced the number of entertainment celebrity spokepersons with the strategy of concentrating our resources. We added Zhao Liying, who is one of the most popular female artists in China, to our celebrity portfolio. She has been tremendous in helping promote our new female indoor training product line, as well as our sports lifestyle product lines.

Entertainment Celebrity Spokespersons

  Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒): A widely-known artiste and young accomplished entrepreneur, Tse was XTEP’s first celebrity spokesperson, and has remained our spokesperson for over a decade. As an actor, Tse has won the Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Performer in 1998 and Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor in 2011. In 2017, he won the award for Highest Media Attention Actor of the Year at the 19th Shanghai International Film & TV Festival, for his performance in the film “Heartfall Arises” (驚天破). His ties with XTEP have continued to blossom, where he became a Group shareholder in July 2016 and will deepen our long-standing working relationship in the areas of product development and marketing and promotion.
  Zhao Liying (趙麗穎): Currently one of the most popular Chinese actresses, Zhao won national fame for her lead role in the TV series “The Journey of Flower” (花千骨). Zhao holds the title of “100 billion queen”(“千億女王”) in 2016 for her gaining 100 billion combined online views for all the TV series she appeared in. In 2017, she won the TV Series Actor of the Year at China TV Series Quality Awards (中國電視劇品質盛典) and the College Student’s Choice Actress award at the 24th Beijing College Student Film Festival. In 2016, she won the Audience’s Choice for Actress at 28th China TV Golden Eagle Award (第28屆中國電視金鷹獎), the most highly regarded TV award in China.
  Lin Gengxin (林更新): One of the most popular young actors in China, he impressed audiences with his TV series debut in “Each Step Escape” (步步驚心), which was awarded The Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year at the Seoul International Drama Awards 2012 (2012年首爾國際電視節). In 2014, he won New Actor of the Year (年度新銳男演員) at Young Generation in Film Making (華語青年影像論壇). In 2017, he gained enormous popularity overnight by playing the male lead in “Princess Agents” (楚喬傳), together with XTEP female spokesperson Zhao Liying. This was the first ever Chinese drama to break 42.9 billion views online.
  Jiro Wang (汪東城): A Taiwanese singer and actor, he is regarded as a well-rounded icon by his fans. He gained popularity as a member of the former Taiwanese boy-band Fahrenheit and has over 16 million page views on his Baidu Baike page and over 15 million followers on his official Weibo account. His career has been focused on Mainland China in recent years, his positive and sporty image attracts a young audience that coincides with XTEP’s target consumer. He has been in a variety of reality TV shows, including “Run For Time” (全員加速中), which the Group sponsored in 2016.