Performance Apparel

For running apparel, the Group consolidated our technologies into six core technology platforms, which are XTEP-DRY (酷乾科技), XTEP-COOL (釋冰科技), XTEP-WARM (熱能科技), XTEP-SHIELD, XTEP-COMFORT and XTEP-STRONGER, to match different weather conditions and motion states runners encounter.

The six core technology platforms: 

  •  “XTEP-DRY” platform materials absorb and transfer moisture on the skin quickly to the surface of the fabric through special yarn and combination, which is then evaporated in the air to achieve the effect of instant absorption and immediate dryness.

  • “XTEP-COOL” platform applies cooling Xylitol technology in clothing fibers, which increases the fiber’s rate of heat dispersion, leading to long-lasting coolness during exercise. This technology is mostly applied to summer season apparel.

  • "XTEP-WARM” platform employs ceramic printing within apparel products, which can effectively absorb and reflect the far-infrared of human body heat, to improve thermal insulation and provide increased warmth without extra weight for cold weather in the winter. We also use Thermolite® material from INVISTA (part of KoSa) from the U.S. with fine hollow fiber technology that creates a layer of air protection blocking cold air from outside, keeping the wearer warm and dry.

  •  “XTEP-SHIELD” platform protects the wearer from harmful ultraviolet radiation during outdoor sports and restrains the reproduction and growth of bacteria on the fabric to keep clothes odor-free and fresh; “X-REFLECT” (反光科技) within this platform uses special reflective and light-emitting materials to enable better visibility in the dark, thus improving the safety of outdoor sport at night. It also has waterproof and windproof features to guard against formidable natural conditions.

  •   “XTEP-COMFORT” platform includes features such as X-organic cotton, a soft environmental-friendly organic cotton; DupontTM Sorona® material, which is lightweight, soft, elastic and easily recovers shape; “Xtep Sports Elastic Technology” (X-S.E.T.特步運動彈性科技), uses high quality elastic fiber that allows athletes and sports participants to stretch freely during exercise, specifically this is applied to XTEP indoor training series; and “X-SEAMLESS-TECH” (無縫一體工藝) uses seamless knitting technique in professional sports apparel to reduce friction during sport.

  • XTEP-STRONGER” platform uses XTEP-ENERGY (馭能科技) technology, which releases negative ions to alleviate sports fatigue, helping runners harness more energy during professional sports.