On 22 April 2016, Fuzhou– Leading PRC-based professional sportswear enterprise Xtep International Holdings Limited (the “Company,” together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) (Stock code: 1368) announced our comprehensive football strategy-“Blade Project” (“鋒芒計劃”), to provide the public with a clear picture of our plans and strengths in the football category in China. Our goal is to serve 5 million Chinese youth football population in 5 years.

The Blade Project focuses on developing wide exposure for the Xtep brand in the football field, resounding on the Chinese government’s push on football becoming a required sport in schools. “We believe in giving every student in China the chance to have their own professional football shoes and apparel by providing value for money football products,” said Xtep Chairman and CEO Mr. Ding Shui Po, “our products have been tested by tens of thousands of professional and university football players over the past 5 years, assuring safety and the highest quality. We strive to become the leading brand in football in China”

To increase the exposure of Xtep football products in our targeted student population, we not only continue to title sponsor Xtep China University Football League (“CUFL”, 特步中國大學生足球聯賽) for the 5th year and Xtep China College Futsal League (“CCFL”, 特步中國大學生五人制足球聯賽) for the 4th year, the Group has also added the sponsorship of China High School Football League(中國高中足球聯賽), total reach every year is nearly 20,000 participants. As celebrities within their own schools, their leadership effect permeates through the entire population of over 1,200 schools. Xtep is one of the first sports brands to establish our brand name in soccer within the student population with proven strong quality; this will play to our advantage.

To further the reach of Xtep brand football products into the general student population beyond school teams, the Group will become the sportswear partner of Sport 8 International (動吧斯博體育文化(北京)有限公司). Sport 8 is China’s largest football enterprise and youth football service platform. Together, we will establish Xtep Football Training Camps and promote Xtep products through all of Sport 8’s events and club teams. Training camps are aimed at extracurricular participation in football outside of schools, giving students a chance to enrich their social life in sports, and echoing the government’s push for more student participation in sports. Training camps will feature national team level coaches, and provide training for three different levels of players, namely those who have professional aspirations, those who play in school teams, and those who simply want to participate in football. Our aim is to attract as many students as possible to football and making our football products their top choice on quality and price.

Finally, the Group has signed former European Footballer of the Year- Andriy Shevchenko (安德列•舍普琴科) as Xtep Football Ambassador to promote both Xtep brand football products and the development of Chinese youth football segment overall. He also crosses over to design our “Blade Ⅰ” and gives his opinions to make it more professional. He is now the coach of the Ukraine national team. More importantly, we see him as a legend and leader who has remained close to football on and off the field, who continues to exert his influence as a former player and as a coach to motivate more of the young population to enjoy football in their lives.

The Group will also continue to sponsor a number of foreign and celebrity football clubs to increase media exposure of Xtep brand football products. These include: China All Star Football Team(中國明星足球隊), China Football Press United(中國足球記者聯隊)and Hong Kong All Star Sports Association(香港明星足球隊) and La Liga, Villarreal C.F. (Spanish National League).

The Blade Project shows our belief in the future potential of China’s youth football market, and structures a concrete plan to solidify our early advantage in category among the student population. Consistent with the overall position of Xtep brand, we aim to continue to provide value-for-money high quality professional sportswear to consumers. While we believe in the growth of football products in the future, we will not deviate from our core focus on running, to which we dedicate the majority of our resources and attention.

Pictures from Xtep Football Strategic Press Conference and Promotion

Xtep Chairman and CEO Mr. Ding Shui Po announces Xtep football strategy

Our goal is to serve 5 million Chinese youth football population in 5 years

We strive to become the leading brand in football in China

Xtep Football Ambassador- Andriy Shevchenko

China All Star Football Team shows on Xtep Football Strategic Press Conference

Group photo of Xtep Chairman and CEO Mr. Ding Shui Po (fourth from left), vice chair person of Federation of University Sports of China Mr. Wang Xiaoyi (left most), co-founder of Sport 8 International Mr. Bai Qiang (third from left), Mr. Andriy Shevchenko and China All Star Football Team

Xtep sponsored footwear wear for CUFL, La Liga, Villarreal C.F. and CCFL

Xtep Football Strategy-“Blade Project”

Xtep first professional football shoes-“Blade Ⅰ”