1 April 2016, Hong Kong – Leading PRC-based professional sportswear enterprise Xtep International Holdings Limited (the “Company,” together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) (Stock code: 1368) launched “3.21 Running Festival” as a celebration for runners on 21 Mar 2016.

“3.21 Running Festival” is a nationwide event for runners centering around Xtep brand, and emphasizes the Group’s focus on running through different channels both online and offline and in different formats. Offline, Xtep organized a ten-city run starting at the same time, involving thousands of runners in cities including: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Xiamen, etc. In retail shops, the Group added marketing POPs and store displays with “3.21 Running Festival” to translate the festival promotion into revenue. In brand building, the Group title sponsored the “Beijing Olympic Forest Park Xtep Running Track” and invited Xtep spokespersons in both sports and entertainment to attend its opening ceremony, aiming to provide a running space related to the Group for runners, and increasing brand exposure among consumers and the media. Online, the Group launched a 100-city “3.21 Real Runner” online marathon with Joyrun. Any runner who completed this marathon from 21 March to 6 April would be awarded with various prizes, including marathon commemorative medals, RMB321 cash vouchers, and etc. Partners from different regions continue to provide real time events information in the activity zone of “Super Shopping Guide (超級導購)”APP contributing to the active communication in the runners' exchange forums. Within the Wechat Friends Circle, many runners shared a message on the event from Xtep Running Club, triggering wide public attention. On Xtep’s official e-commerce platforms, the Group launched its first smart-shoe “Xtep Motion (芯動力)”, in partnership with the popular Codoon Sports APP, offering value-for-money professional gear for the “Real Runner”.

Chairman of the Xtep Group Mr. Ding Shui Po said, “2015 was a year of transformation for Xtep as the Group changed from a fashion sports brand to a professional sports brand, with the strategy of returning to sports and focusing on running. This shift is influencing every aspect of the Group. Xtep is committed to become the runners’ brand of choice, and hopes that through initiating the 3.21 Running Festival, the Group can promote healthy lifestyles, share the experiences and pleasures of running with the public, and attract more people to love running and love Xtep”.

The “Beijing Olympic Forest Park Xtep Running Track” uses scientific construction technology and environmentally friendly material to create a safe and comfortable green running track for the general public. Subsequently, the Group will add ancillary facilities such as Xtep running service and supply stations for runners during the year, providing professional services for runners beyond product.

“Xtep Motion (芯動力)” is the first generation Xtep smart running shoes launched for “3.21 Running Festival”. It uses a re-chargeable three-axial motion detection smart chip linked with Codoon Sport APP, and emphasizes its social networking and tracking functions. The smart running shoes can accurately monitor and record running distances and paths, differentiate between various states of motion such as walking versus running, provide scientific analysis so runners can avoid injuries, and suggests professional running plans and measures completion rate, as well as offer social sharing and rankings functions. The shoe itself is designed for regular runners using Xtep’s core dynamic foam technology with cushioning technologies both in shoe structure and materials. Xtep will launch more smart running shoes with higher technology specifications in the future.

At the launching ceremony of the “3.21 Running Festival”, Xtep also officially announced its two newly-contracted track and field stars, Xie Zhenye (謝震業) and Trentavis Friday. Xie just achieved his best record in men’s 60m run final at the 2016 IAAF World Indoor Championships in Portland, and Friday is a rising star from the Unite States of America who won the men’s 200m run at the 2014 IAAF World Junior Championships. Other Xtep spokespersons, Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), Nana (Im Jin-ah), Calvin Tu (杜天皓), and Chen Ding (陳定) also joined the event and expressed that physical exercise and running has become an enjoyable part of their daily life.

“3.21 Running Festival” is not just a one-day event and slogan, but a part of Xtep’s running strategic focus. 3.21 will be remembered as an annual runners’ celebration day, and the “Beijing Olympic Forest Park Xtep Running Track” will be a constant reminder. Xtep will continue to improve product designs, implement omni-channel branding and sales, and organize larger festivals for runners globally, closely linking Xtep and running, making it the runners’ brand of choice!

Photos from 3.21 Running Festival

Vice President of Chinese Athletic Association and Vice Director of Athletics Administrative Center of General Administration of Sport of China Wang Dawei(王大衛)(left 1) together with Chairman of Xtep Group Mr. Ding Shui Po (丁水波)(left 2) presented Xtep spokespersons with “3.21 Running Festival Image Ambassador ” certificates

Chairman of Xtep Group, Mr. Ding Shui Po (center) presents Xtep marathon shoes to the Group’s new sports spokespersons Xie Zhenye (left) and Trentavis Friday (right)

Celebrities and over 500 members from Xtep Runners Club kicked off the run

Promotion POP and display shelves marked with“3.21 Running Festival” in the offline retail stores

“Ten-City Run” Xiamen running event, a part of “3.21 Running Festival”

Xtep’s first generation smart-shoes – “Xtep Motion”

Functions of Xtep Smart Shoes’ chip

Social media posting from participants in the online “100-city run”

Wechat Moments shared from Xtep Running Club Official account

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